Why Collab-Hub?

There are several options available for sending control data over the Internet with various pros and cons. Collab-Hub is designed to be equally appropriate for beginners and advanced users and grew from the memories of our own early frustrations. It features the following advantages over most other alternatives:

    • No worrying about IP There is no need to know anyone’s public IP address or set up a static IP address.
    • No network setup — Collab-Hub works on the same network ports as regular web traffic. There is no need to enable NAT or port forwarding or fiddle with firewall settings.
    • Works on institutional networks — Collab-Hub works within the usual rules and settings of institutional networks, including college and university wifi.
    • Platform agnostic — Collab-Hub runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and can work with most performance setups. The current version includes client applications for a web interface, Cycling 74’s Max, and Pure Data. We intend to continue releasing new client applications in the near future.
    • User friendly design — We designed the client applications with user-friendliness in mind and will continue to refine the interface and functionality.

Share Data — Out of the box, there are three main ways to share data.

    • Control Data Share data with continuous control.
      Example:  “Volume 99”
    • Event Data — Trigger an event.
      Example: “Start_Performance”
    • Chat — Send chat messages to other users

Routing — There are many ways to route your data to suit your needs.