How do I get started using Collab-Hub?
We’re happy to help you get up and running with installing Collab-Hub for your preferred platform! For help downloading and installing essential files, check out our Getting Started page here. For a guided walkthrough of how to build your first networked system using Collab-Hub, click here.
Are their any stipulations for using Collab-Hub to create in my next work of networked art?
We do have some small requests for anyone using the Collab-Hub server, libraries, and its various templates and examples to create your next masterpiece. Please head over to our Github page to view our license.
What kinds of data can I send between client software/hardware connected through Collab-Hub? Can I used it to stream audio and video over the internet?
Collab-Hub is designed to make sharing control data between connected clients easy and fast. Examples of what constitutes control data are integers, floating-point numbers, strings, lists, and even video matrices! Collab-Hub is not designed to send audio_video files or real-time audio_video signals, and we encourage you to explore frameworks that are designed to stream those mediums like (jackTrip, quackTrip, Jitsi) and integrate them into your projects as companion tools to the networks you build with Collab-Hub.
When will support for _________ software/hardware be coming to Collab-Hub?
We’re working hard to make sure that you can use Collab-Hub to collaborate across as many internet-enabled software and hardware platforms as possible, and new libraries, example files, and tutorials for your favorite creative tools are coming soon! To stay in the loop on future releases and updates, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.
Is there a downloadable version of the Collab-Hub server that I can run on my own computer? I’d like to build projects that run on a closed, local network instead of using the web server.
At this moment, we are not providing a downloadable version of the Collab-Hub server to users. We do have plans to release a desktop app that will allow you to run and manage your own local version of the server on your computer or a stand-alone piece of tabletop hardware, and we’ll be releasing more on that at a later date!
Hey! Collab-Hub isn’t working the way it should. What gives?
Like any framework, we’re actively putting Collab-Hub through its paces and doing our best to make sure it’s working at its best, but there may be some bugs or improperly-working features in the current version that you catch! Please make sure to let us know by heading to our Github page and logging an Issue so that we can work to fix it. Or visit our Discord for more immediate help. 
I’d really like to buy you all a cup of coffee or an artisan chicken sandwich for creating Collab-Hub. How can I show my support?
That’s super nice of you! We appreciate any and all support you may want to throw our way. If you feel so inclined, please head here to learn how you can pitch in a few bucks to offset the costs of our server hosting or to keep us well fueled by coffee and snacks.